I have Two Titles Dad and Grandpa and I rock them Both Desk Set

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Elevate your workspace with the heartwarming and functional Desk Set featuring a Mousepad and Coaster, both adorned with the proud declaration: "I have two titles Dad and Grandpa and I rock them both." Perfect for the dedicated dad and grandpa who balances family love and professional duties with ease, this set is a daily reminder of your cherished roles. Made with high-quality materials, this matching mousepad and coaster set not only adds a touch of personal flair to your desk but also ensures a smooth and comfortable experience during work or leisure time.


  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from durable, non-slip rubber and soft fabric, the mousepad and coaster ensure longevity and a pleasant feel under your hands and mug.

  • Inspirational Design: The heartfelt message, "I have two titles Dad and Grandpa and I rock them both," is prominently displayed, reminding you and those around you of your treasured family roles.

  • Optimal Size: The mousepad provides ample space for smooth and precise mouse movements, while the coaster is perfectly sized to accommodate all types of cups and mugs, protecting your desk from spills.

  • Vibrant Print: The high-resolution print maintains its bright colors and clarity over time, resisting fading even with regular use and cleaning.

  • Easy to Clean: Both the mousepad and coaster are designed for easy maintenance. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to keep them looking new, ensuring your desk remains neat and stylish.


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